“One of the most versatile double bass player of our times”

He debuted in 1999 at festival Jazz nad Odra in Wroclaw together with his twin brother and lifetime music partner Bartlomiej Oles and he has been choosen as the best double bass player of the festival. Few months later their band named Custom Trio has received a second prize of Jazz Juniors festival in Cracow. Since that time his discography counts over thirty albums recorded under his and his brother name including musicians from all over the world. Wide spectrum of his music interests is well presented on the albums he recorded starting with jazz, to contemporary music, or even world music. What connects all these genres is the imporovisation – ipso facto the main subject of his researches and development. Many of these albums were considered to be the best jazz albums in a given year, including his awarded solo album “Ornette on Bass”. He has also composed music for numerous films and theatrical productions. In 2012 he met for master clasess with double bass maestro and visionary Francois Rabbath. In 2015 he started his conceptual, cross-platform project Lost Languages which is dedicated to commemoration of daying languages of the world.


Bartlomiej Oles, Radek Krzyzowski, Piotr Orzechowski, Antoni Gralak, David Murray, Theo Jörgensmann, Rob Brown, Christopher Dell, Jorgos Skolias, Tomasz Stanko, Albrecht Maurer, Frank Gratkowski, Julien Petit, Manuel Hermia, Sameer Makhoul, Omri Mor, Gabor Subic, Istvan Grencso, Ken Vandermark, Erik Friedlander, Kenny Werner, Matthew Shipp, Chris Speed, Simon Nabatov, Jean-Luc Cappozzo, Anthony Coleman, Rudi Mahall, Hamid Drake, William Parker, Michael Rabinowitz, David Rempis, Mircea Tiberian, Emmanuelle Somer, Andrzej Przybielski, Adam Pieronczyk, Mikolaj Trzaska, Wolfgang Reisinger, Herb Robertson, Marek Jakubowicz


Almaty Jazz, Jazz Brugge, Kerava Jazz, Montreux Jazz Festival, Jazz DOR Strasbourg, EuroMed, Jazzy Colors Paris, Jazz en Nord Lille, Mediawave, New Sound, Europa Jazz Fest Graz, Modern Jazz Fest Rudersdorf, Lüneburger Jazznights, Jazz Meets World, Pepsi Siget Festival, Jeunesses Musicales, Jazz no Borders, Albaimpro, Era Jazzu Festival. He was performing in a such countries as France, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Finland, Belgium, Italy, Great Britain, Portugal, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Slowenia, Swiss, Ukraine, Poland, Czech, Spain, Mexico, Kazakhstan


The best jazz artists as Oles Brothers of 2016 according to Radio Jazz, Poland
Nomination for Folk Phonogram of the year 2016: MAGGID, according to Polish Radio, Poland
Folk Phonogram of the year 2013: SEFARDIX, according to Polish Radio, Poland
Album of the year 2007: Herb Robertson ALCHEMIA All About Jazz, New York
Album of the year 2006: SHADOWS, according to Radio Krakow, Poland
Album of the year 2005: DIRECTIONS, according to Diapazon, Poland
Album of the year 2003, ORNETTE ON BASS, according to Diapazon, Poland
Nagroda Marszałka Miasta Katowice, 2002, Poland
Album of the year 2002: MIKRO MUZIK, according to Diapazon, Poland
Album of the year 2002: CONTEMPORARY QUARTET, Audio-Video Magazine, Poland
Jazz Juniors 1999, Poland, second prize for his group CUSTOM TRIO
Best double bass player, Jazz nad Odra 1999, Poland


Marcin & Bartłomiej Brat Oles – Alone Together (Audio Cave, 2019/2020)
Oles Brothers & Christopher Dell – Komeda AHEAD (Universal, 2019)
Oles Brothers & Christopher Dell – Górecki AHEAD (Audio Cave, 2018)
Oles DUO – Spirit of Nadir (Audio Cave, 2017)
Oles Brothers & Antoni Gralak – Primitivo (For Tune, 2016)
Marcin & Bartlomiej Oles DUO – One step from the past (Fenommedia, 2016)
Oles Brothers & Theo Jörgensmann – Transgression (Słuchaj!, 2016)
Oles Brothers & Jorgos Skolias – Maggid (Fenommedia, 2016)
Oles Brothers & Christopher Dell – Komeda AHEAD (Słuchaj!, 2014)
Marcin & Bartłomiej Oleś DUO – Nadir (recorded 2015) coming soon..
Oles Brothers & Jorgos Skolias – Sefardix (For Tune, 2013)
Oles Brothers & Andrzej Przybielski – De Profundis (Fenommedia, 2012)
Marek Jakubowicz – Feelings (Multikulti Projekt, 2012)
Second Quartet – Fragment & Moments (limited edition, 2011)
Oles Brothers – Other voices other scenes (Fenommedia, 2010)
Oles Brothers w/ Rob Brown – “Live at SJC” (Fenommedia, 2009)
Marcin & Bartłomiej Brat Oles – “DUO” (Fenommedia, 2008)
Herb Robertson feat Oles Brothers – Live in Alchemia (NotTwo, 2007)
Theo Jörgensmann & Oles Brothers – “Alchemia” (HatHut, 2007)
Theo Jörgensmann, Oles Brothers – “Live in Poznan 2006” (Fenommedia, 2007)
Bartłomiej Brat Oles – “Shadows” (Fenommedia, 2006)
Marcin Oles – “Walk Songs” (Fenommedia, 2006)
Chamber Quintet – with Friedlander, Rabinowitz, Somer (Fenommedia, 2005)
Oles Brothers + Theo Jörgensmann – “Directions” (Fenommedia, 2005)
Oles / Trzaska / Oles + Jean-Luc Cappozzo – “Suite for trio+” (Fenommedia, 2005)
Ken Vandermark feat Oles Brothers – “Ideas” (Not Two, 2005)
Andrzej Przybielski feat Oles Brothers – “Abstract” (Not Two, 2005)
Mikołaj Trzaska – Danziger Straßenmusik (Kilogram Records, 2004
David Murray feat Oles Brothers – “Circles – live in Cracow” (Not Two, 2003
Oles Brothers + Theo Jörgensmann – “Miniatures” (Not Two, 2003)
Oles / Trzaska / Oles – “la SKETCH up” (Kilogram Records, 2003)
Marcin Oles – “Ornette on Bass” [bass solo] (Not Two, 2003)
Oles / Mahall / Tiberian / Oles – “Contemporary Quartet” (Not Two, 2002)
Oles / Trzaska / Oles – “Mikro Muzik” (Kilogram Records, 2002)
Custom Trio – “Back Point” (Not Two, 2002)
Andrzej Przybielski & Custom Trio – Live (Polonia Records, 2001)
Oles / Pieronczyk / Oles – “Gray Days” (Not Two, 2001)
Custom Trio & Andrzej Przybielski – “Free Bop” (Polonia, 2000)
Custom Trio – “Mr. Nobody” (WM Accord, 1999)


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