Theo Jörgensmann – clarinet
Marcin Oles – double bass
Bartlomiej Oles – drums

Compositions: 1, 6, 7 by Marcin Oleś;
2, 3, 8, 9 by Bartłomiej Oleś &
4, 5, 10, 11 Theo Jörgensmann
Recorded June 2010 at MAQ Records Studio
Produced by Oleś Brothers & Theo Jörgensmann
Executive producer: Maciej Karłowski
FSR 04|2016 Published by Fundacja SŁUCHAJ!

1. Pariskop
2. Transgression
3. Room 114
4. Bienk Silesiae
5. Echoes From Brüel
6. Auray
7. Orderly mess
8. Goodbye Joe
9. Kintetsu
10. Cool & Free
11. Simple Beat


IT’S a strange title for such a coherent, distinctive piece of work. The dictionary tells us that to transgress is “to go beyond a boundary or limit,” and a transgression is, typically, “infringement or violation of a law, command, or duty” – usually a dangerous, harmful, or destructive circumstance, and hardly characteristic of this trio, a smoothly functioning, vigorous, complementary entity since 2003, having concertized throughout Europe, and recorded four albums before this one (including a previous release on hatOLOGY 646, Alchemia, in 2007). Their closely-knit, keenly responsive, deftly organized music is indicative of shared values, a disciplined (if not noticeably limited) per- spective, a consensus of formal boundaries; exhilaration results from their intensified response to the tensions that form implies.

The music, dynamic and resourceful, essays their ideas, images, and memories in an intuitive, revealing, collective consequence of form, as shapely as any “orderly mess” by Pollock or Pound. If that’s a transgression, deal me in. |ART Lange, Chicago, April 2011|