One step from the past



Marcin Oles – double bass
Bartlomiej Oles – drums

Compositions 5, 6, 8 by Marcin Oleś; 2, 4 by Bartłomiej Oleś; 3 by Joe Zawinul; 1, 7 by Marcin & Bartłomiej Oleś.
Recorded October 2, 2011 at Studio S4 Polskie Radio Warszawa by Ewa Guziołek–Tubelewicz.
Producer Phil Smith for Jazz on 3, BBC Radio 3
Executive producer: Fenommedia
Cover design: Blanka Tomaszewska
Cover photo: Marcin Urban

1. One Step
2. Universe
3. In a silent way
4. Mahindra
5. Passenger
6. Animosia
7. From the past
8. Skrik


The album you are holding is the result of a short recording session arranged by the BBC and the authors of its “Jazz on 3” program. The recording took place in Studio S-4 of Polish Radio in Warsaw, October 2011. One Step from the Past is a special album for us: it is not every day that the BBC invites you to record your own music, especially when is as unusual as ours. And it was a challenge to play without an audience: just three London-based radio journalists, attentively listening the sounds of the double bass and drums.
At the time we were developing our new repertory, facing new challenges for our music. It all provided a powerful impetus to our creativity, and the focus and energy which vibrates in the music recorded that day. While the music of our first CD combines contemporary music and improvisation, the BBC session leans towards pulsating jazz. It places more stress on the role of rhythm and percussion, highlighting our interplay and timing, the pervasive vigorous rhythm and textured jazz sound.
The music on this CD is far from the perfected and delicately executed sounds of compositions with a number of recorded versions. It differs dramatically from what some listeners may know from our earlier album. Still, it captures the moment this music came about and the realization of our explorations, which can be aptly summarised with the following observation by Maria Kuncewiczowa: Creativity begins the moment one moves beyond the borders of convention, having mastered it so well that it is no longer needed.

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